Rain Forest Leaf Casting And Slumping Mold

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Product Features

  • Two-in-one design features a casting mold on one side and contoured slumping mold on the reverse
  • Overall mold measures 9-3/4" x 6" x 1-1/2"
  • Ceramic molds can be used many times
  • Has a fill weight of 120 to 130 grams

Product Description

Inspired by the leaves of the beautiful and lushly colored Ti Plant, also called the Good-Luck Plant, this detailed casting mold invites a bit of paradise to your art.

Found throughout Hawaii and the South Pacific islands, the Ti Plant has large leaves which come in extraordinary color variations from vibrant green to exotic purples, fiery reds, warm corals and wild combinations.

Mold creates a single 8" long x 4" wide leaf, and can be reversed to easily slump the casting into a gently contoured dessert or hors d'ouevre plate. Form individual dishes from single leaves, or fuse multiple leaves together into incredible serving dishes or unique wall art.

Colour de Verre Molds are the Simple Way to Cast Glass
Merge the age-old art of pate de verre glass casting with modern technology and contemporary design! Create pieces that are beautiful enough to stand alone or to incorporate into larger projects. The open, hollow design promotes even heating and cooling. Molds can be filled with glass frit, powder, or sheet glass. Two-in-one design features a casting mold on one side and contoured slumping mold on the reverse. See size perspective of mold with quarter images shown. Overall mold measures 9-3/4" x 6" x 1-1/2". The fill weight is 120 to 130 grams.

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