Youghiogheny Floral Stipple Glass Pack

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  • An excellent way to sample Youghiogheny Stipple glass
  • Perfect for Tiffany reproductions - beautiful color blends
  • Rich colors provide excellent light transmission
  • Contains 8 pieces 6" x 6" each

Product Description

"Yogi" glass is famous for its color mixes. The colors are crisp and vibrant, making it a favorite of glass artists. Discover it for yourself with this pack of 8 pieces, each 6" x 6", in assorted colors. It's a great way to try Youghiogheny glass at an excellent value. Pack includes some of the newest stipples from Youghiogheny. 2 square feet of glass.

Youghiogheny (pronounced Yock-uh-gain-ee) is a gorgeous glass. If you've never worked with Stipple, you will be amazed at its crisp and vibrant colors. Where other glass mixes may bleed together, Stipple keeps true greens, red, magentas and pinks you won't believe! An excellent Tiffany reproduction glass

All glass is clearly marked with item numbers for easy reordering. There are no extra boxing charges for glass packs. Photo is one example. Actual glass may vary from photo.

Wild Rose Reproduction Tifany Lamp by artist James Shannon. From Delphi's Online Aritst Gallery. 

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