Spectrum Glass

Unit Size* Price
medium 12" x 12" $16.45 USD
sheet 24" x 24" $65.75

Standard shipping requires 'sheet' size to be cut into 2 large pieces
item: X128AV
item: XFR46
item: S5181W
Spectrum Bronze Waterglass
50 stars [2]
Starting at $8.55
item: S209
Spectrum Crystal Opal
50 stars [4]
Starting at $8.95
item: S123H
item: S3492
item: X3355
item: X30059
item: S121W
item: S121
Spectrum Light Green Cathedral
Starting at $8.85
item: S209FLE
Spectrum Firelight White Opal
45 stars [3]
Starting at $8.95
item: S132A
Spectrum Light Blue Artique
Starting at $10.65
item: S1308
Spectrum Pale Blue Cathedral
Starting at $8.35
item: S3272
item: S5281RR
item: S81891
Spectrum Bronze White Wispy
Starting at $8.35
item: S82372
item: S82392
item: S82891
item: S1808RR
Spectrum is a wonderfully versatile art glass available in a wide variety of colors, textures and transparencies. This glass cuts very smoothly and is incredibly consistent in color and texture, making it a favorite among beginners and professional artists alike.
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