Oceanside Pale Amber Transparent Artique - 96 COE

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Product Features

  • Ideal for stained glass and fusing projects
  • Features the unique Artique texture - a scribed antique glass reminiscent of mouth blown sheet glass
  • Pale Amber Artique is a traditional subtle amber color - perfect for rock and landscape applications
  • Consistent color, pattern and texture
  • 96 COE

Product Description

Bring your next project to life with Oceansides's Artique sheet glass. Artique is a simulated full antique glass that has its trademark linear striations mechanically scribed into the hot glass surface. Excellent quality and a much lower cost compared to traditional full antique glass. Artique is transparent and provides subtle but defined background distortion making it a nice choice for architectural applications such as kitchen cabinets. Pale Amber Artique, is a pale traditional amber color - perfect for rock and landscape applications.This favorite texture is now fusible. 96 COE.

Main image from Spectrum Glass. Alternate view displaying the Artique texture can be seen in additional images.

Photo above is a general representation of glass colors. Colors may vary. Sizes are Approximate.