Dip-N-Go Sludge Ultra Bead Release - 16 Oz

$42.95 USD
Item# 45146
Availability: Expected to be available December 13, 2022. Subject to change. Pre-order now!

Product Features

  • A fantastic time saver! Dip-n-Go Sludge Ultra bead release dries quickly
  • Strong while working yet easy to release when cool
  • Flame dries in seconds
  • Sold in an 16 oz jar

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Product Description

Dip-n-Go Sludge Ultra is an excellent choice for all sizes of solid and hollow mandrels. Release is designed to be flame dried. A thin coat can be dried in seconds in the hottest area of the flame. Where as a thick coat will dry over a 5 second period about 2" from the torch. Sold in an 16 oz resealable jar.