Blue Me Away Effetre Rod Assortment - 104 COE

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Product Features

  • Create coordinating jewelry or aquatic beads
  • 24 Glass rods - Get a variety of colors in one bundle
  • 104 COE - Soft glass is ideal for glass beads

Product Description

exclusive Create with Complementary Colors -- All in 1 Bundle!
Italian rod assortments are a wonderful convenience. Make an entire necklace or bracelet with just one bundle! The coordinating colors are all easy-to-use opaque and transparent rods. Create your next watery design with this aquatic color mix. Assortment includes twenty-four 13" rods in an assortment of blue hues-- 6 colors, 4 rods of each. 104 COE. A Delphi Exclusive!

Photo is just one example of rod assortment. Colors may vary slightly.

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5 out of 5 stars
  •   Best kind of blues
By on
Pros : Gorgeous set of blue rods. I might not have gotten all these colors individually but I am so glad I was introduced to them because they have become my favorite blues. Includes both transparent and some opaque colors.
Cons : You only get 4 rods of each color so be careful cause you're gonna want more!! :)
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