Inukshuk Granite Texture Bevel Cluster


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Product Features

  • Native American design brought to life by Glassmith Studios
  • 9 clear textured pieces, measures 8" x 11"
  • Free pattern available to download

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Product Description

The Inukshuk, which means "likeness of a person," is a unique sign-post found in northern climates. It was first used by the Inuit People to mark trails, indicate catches of food, and locate nearby settlements. The rock Inukshuk embodies the spirit and persistence of the Inuit who live and flourish in Northern Canada, one of the world's harshest environments. Inukshuk's represent strength, leadership and motivation.

The abstract nature of this design is a great opportunity for use of a full palette of colors to accent the simplicity of the cluster. It's unique granite texture bevels add beautiful dimension. Completed dimensions are 8" X 11" high, 9 pieces.

Project courtesy of Glasssmith.

Looking for a free pattern?
Click on "View User Manual" to download a pattern that incorporates this bevel cluster. Enlarge pattern to fit the size of the cluster. Pattern designed by Glassmith Studios, and available by permission on Want even more great patterns that beautifully use bevels? Check out Delphi's wide variety of books by Glassmith Studios and other artists. Search "bevel book" on

Delphi Tip: Always lay out bevel clusters on pattern before cutting glass to adjust for small differences. Project image courtesy of GST Publications.