Bring the Outdoor into Your Home


Any ideas on how to make my home more relaxed and casual?

Bring outdoors into your home for a fun, and spirited look. Become adaptive with planters, stands, and iron tables. These items can be as charming and functional as they have been outdoors. Think outside the box, be creative and enjoy your new surroundings. For a quick pick up, we suggest:

Iron tables:

Perfect next to your bed

Place a lamp on the top and place next to your favorite reading chair

A great spot for the remote, cell phone or any other electrical gadget

Place a larger glass top and have a new breakfast area

A smaller table is a welcome addition in any bathroom or dressing area

In a foyer, this will set the tone for a casual look. (Place fresh flowers on top)

In a dining room, cluster candles on top and eat in candle light

In the kitchen, makes a perfect beverage center, lemonade, iced tea etc.

Oversized Planters and Pots

Place a glass on top and an instant coffee table, perfect for magazines!

In the bedroom, place extra bed linens inside

In a child's room, a toy catch-all

For a large gathering, fill with ice and use as a beverage container

Place a large floral and stems for an oversized centerpiece

Turn upside down, and display your favorite object de art.

Summer time means mixing patterns, and textures. Don't be afraid to use stripes, checks and florals together. Pick a color or same family hue and try various combinations. Today is a time when families come together, celebrate holidays, reunions and when everyone acts like kids. Enjoy! Be young at heart.

Project image comes from Christine Stewart's Mosaic Pots: All Shapes and Sizes currently available at To purchase this book click here.

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