FREE Scarecrow Project Guide & Fall Decorating Ideas

Ho! For the leaves that eddy down, crumpled yellow and withered brown... Starting aloft to windy ways, telling the coming of bonfire days.

- "Bonfire Days" by Grace Strickler Dawson

Ginny from Melbourne, Florida wrote us with this question: "Help! I need ideas and suggestions for my front lawn and porch to welcome in the new fall season. It seems every neighbor has great plans except for me. What do you recommend?"

We have some really fun, interesting and quick ideas:

  1. This season, scarecrows will take center stage. Each one will be unique and make memories and smiles. Simple or elaborate, each will showcase "their" personality. Feeling ambitious? Create a pair or a family. Make the stained glass scarecrow shown above. Download our Free Project Guide by Delphi Artist Julie Haan.
  2. Dress up your walkway or your front stoop. As the nights get longer, and dusk comes sooner, luminaries will make a strong visual impact. Go Green: Recycle glass bottles and jars by cutting them with a bottle cutter, use either the tops or bottoms (or mix and match parts) to shelter tea lights or inexpensive votives. They will last for several hours. Find creative ways to decorate luminaries in our Free Project Guide.
  3. Don't forget your house address. Start a family tradition by designing and making a new house number for each season. The new neutrals of green, brown, cinnamon and mustard will look fabulous against almost every house color. Fused, mosaic or stained glass, your house will sparkle for each season.

We hope this will give you inspiration, and spark new ways to welcome the awesome fall season!

Need more inspiration? Visit for project ideas, supplies and patterns.

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