Glaskoben Ornaments: On Trend This Holiday Season


Deck the halls with boughs of holly is really more than just lyrics from a popular holiday song. Each year my family and I always try to do something new and creative that will make memories for years to come. When I started my search internationally on whats new for Christmas 2010, I noticed a very obvious trend appearing all over. The round shape of the traditional ornament is very much in vogue. The real difference however is creating unique, one of a kind glass orbs to be enjoyed and admired. This year for Christmas 2010, we have a very special project that your entire family can assist in making. These beautiful GLASKOLBENS will be cherished and admired by friends and family alike.

Ideas and suggestions for displaying your Glaskolbens

1. Arrange a variety of colors in your favorite bowl and instantly it becomes a show stopping centerpiece.

2. Nestle clusters of orbs in fresh greens and place in a horizontal line. (Your fireplace mantle is a perfect spot or a wide window sill.)

3. A small tabletop Christmas tree adorned with Glaskolbens and faceted crystals or jewels is a wonderful focal point in your foyer or buffet table.

4. Consider using gift tags with your Guests names tied to ornaments as a place card at holiday table.

5. Coordinate each glass ball with your holiday tablescape colors. Tie a ball with ribbon around a cloth napkin and voila an instant napkin ring.

6. An object dart: Place you favorite colored Glaskolben on a shiny mirrored bevel for a perfect accent on a side table.

7. Hang several glass balls on bright colored ribbons in a sunny window. The sun will reflect off and colors will dance from the floor to the ceiling.

8. Kissing Ball: Take mistletoe and ribbon and add this to a Glaskolben , hang in an open doorway and line up for kisses!

9. Personalize for Newlyweds: Using paints, add the bridal couple names and wedding date. A real and very special keepsake. Works wonderfully for Babys First Christmas as well.

10. In your china cabinet: Create matching colors for your room dcor. Place several inside or on top of crystal stemware. These can be displayed all year round.

From my house to yours, enjoy the holiday season. Keep making memories, and cherish the family times together.

This post courtesy of John Kershek, Delphi Merchandise Specialist and Trend Forecaster. The ornaments pictured were created by Delphi Artist Val Oswalt. Watch Val create a Glaskolben ornament.

For more great Holiday Trends by John K., watch his latest trend video.

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Elizabeth T.  •  October 18, 2010
I just ordered a bunch of tubes. I think the key is to not be afraid to try. It may take a few attempts to get the knack of it. We're going to attempt this as a family activity.
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Nicolette U.  •  October 18, 2010
I would really like to try this glass blowing ornament. I am afraid I will never get the hang of it. How did you learn?
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