Bullseye Copper Blue, White Streaky Double Rolled - 90 COE

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Item# B214630
Availability: Expected to be available November 17, 2021. Subject to change. Pre-order now!

Product Features

  • Glass is highly reactive - read more below
  • Double rolled surface is smoother and minimizes bubble entrapment
  • Premium handmade glass
  • Perfect for fusing or stained glass - 90 COE

Available Substitutes

item: B21643F-MD
item: B21303F-MD
item: B23113F-MD

Product Description

Create with Premium Bullseye Glass! 
Create dynamic artwork with Bullseye Streaky Glass! Streakies combine between two and six colors of transparent and opalescent glasses to create a vibrant wash of color for any application.

Premium handmade Bullseye glass is ideal for high-quality kiln work. Specifically formulated and tested for compatibility, this glass withstands multiple firings for complex projects without devitrification. The intense color is great for working and can develop a range of metallic hues at different firing temperatures. The flatter double-rolled surface minimizes bubble entrapment, so colors can be layered for custom hues.

Caution: Glass is highly reactive with sulfur glass and may stain kiln shelves and molds, however, this can be scraped away.

Double rolled. 90 COE.

Photo above is a general representation of glass colors. Colors may vary. Sizes are Approximate.