Delphi EZ-Pro Bonnie Glo Kiln With Manual Relay

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Product Features

  • Complete with 16 pre-set firing schedules and stores up to 22 custom schedules
  • No kiln shelf required - simply place shelf paper or fiber board on the kiln floor
  • Fiber body construction holds the heat in for efficient, even fusing
  • A Delphi Exclusive!

Product Description

Quick Firing Unique All Fiber Kiln!
Delphi EZ-Pro Bonnie Glo makes it easy to get started fusing. It comes with 16 pre-set programs for firing glass, annealing beads, and metal clay PLUS it stores 22 custom programs. Just select your program and fire with confidence! Designed by glass and metal clay instructors, this is a dream kiln for beginners to professionals. Delphi has teamed up with Jen-Ken Kilns and Orton Controllers to make the most user-friendly, versatile kiln for glass and jewelry artists ever. 

The EZ-Pro Bonnie Glo Kiln's fiber body construction means that heat isn't absorbed by the kiln, instead it's focused inside the firing chamber allowing glass to be efficiently and evenly heated for quick firing and cool down. This, combined with the fast and easy to use EZ-Pro 3-Button Digital Controller, makes it possible to cut down on firing time with consistently good results. This Kiln does not require a kiln shelf, simply place fiber paper or fiber board on the bottom of the kiln. Firing chamber measures 15" x 5" deep. All kilns phase 1. See specifications for full product details. Ships via Standard Ground. 

Pre-Set Firing Programs for Beginners
It's simple to full fuse, slump, tack fuse and fire polish with pre-set firing programs. Whether you are fusing with 90 or 96 COE glass, the EZ-Pro makes it easy! Kiln includes 4 pre-set programs for each type of glass. 

More Options for Professionals!
Create and store up to 22 custom programs. Make one for every project, like drop rings, pattern bars, pot melts, enameling, painting and so much more. The EZ-Pro grows with you as your skills advance. Its size and customizable firing options allows you to create simple to complex projects.

Do More! Pre-Set Firing for Glass Beads and Metal Clay!
Become a multi-media artist! Use the 3 pre-set programs to batch anneal 1/2", 1" and 2" beads. Create custom silver jewelry with 5 pre-set Metal Clay programs. Pre-set Metal Clay programs include: Fast Firing Metal Clay, Slow Firing Metal Clay, Firing PMC3/Art Clay Low Fire, Firing PMC+/Art Clay Slow Dry and Firing Metal Clay Gold. With the large firing chamber you can fire multiple projects at once!

Fully Adjustable
In all modes you can adjust time, temperature and skip a firing step to go to the next segment. See Delphi's exclusive pre-programmed, fully customizable, easy-to-use Orton Controller in additional images.

A Professional Quality Kiln at a Hobbyist Price!
Delphi has teamed up with Orton Controllers to create the most versatile and easy-to-use kiln controller. Comes with 16 pre-set programs and is fully adjustable for on-the-fly programming.

  1. Anneal glass beads using the EZ-Pro's Batch Anneal program.
  2. Create custom silver jewelry and glass beads. The EZ-Pro's pre-set programs and large chamber size helps you to quickly and easily batch fire projects.
  3. The Delphi EZ-Pro is optimized for both Bullseye 90 COE and System 96 COE glass. So no matter what type of COE glass you fuse with, the EZ-Pro makes it easy!

Product Details

  • Manufacturer: Jen-Ken
  • Dimensions Inside: 15" x 5"
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Amperage: 20 amps
  • Max Temperature: 2300 degrees Watts: 1800 watts
  • Receptacle: 5-15R
  • Shipping Weight: 48 lbs
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty