Fused Glass Flowers Hardware Kit

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Product Description

exclusive Create beautiful bouquets and show stopping garden accents! Finish glass art created with Creative Paradise flower molds. Easy-to-install hardware fits your glass and gives a professional look to your flowers. Includes eighteen 1/4" washers, 10 feet of bendable 1/4" copper tubing and seven screws. Click "View User Manual" for instructions. A Delphi Exclusive.

For use with flower molds #806131, #806132, #806133, #806134, #806135, #806136, #806137, #806138 and #806139.

Step-By-Step: Attaching A Stem
Step 1: Cut tubing to your desired length. Slide screw through hole of glass flower.
Step 2: Using a screwdriver, twist screw into copper tubing. Screw will tighten into the sides of tubing, giving your fused flower a secure fit.
Step 3: Glue cabochon onto head of screw to create flower center. Shape tubing to your liking and display.

Images courtesy of Creative Paradise.