High Viscosity UV Adhesive - 30 Gm

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  • Creates a uniform bond with no tell-tale lines
  • Cure quickly with UV Lamp (item #2034) sold separately, or in direct sunlight
  • Ideal for glass laminating and glass to metal 3-D projects
  • Sold in a 30 gram bottle

Product Description

Create a strong bond between glass to glass and glass to metal with this nearly invisible adhesive. The optically clear formula is thin enough to spread evenly on surfaces, allowing a uniform bond with no tell-tale lines. Cut out the wait when assembling projects - this adhesive cures quickly with exposure to UV light, eliminating drying time. Ideal for 3-D art and laminating glass to create stunning coldworked art or for glass on glass mosaics, this tough adhesive holds tight and won't yellow with age. Glue must be activated with ultraviolet light to cure. Activate with UV Lamp (item #2034) sold separately or in direct sunlight. Sold in a 30 gram bottle.

Not for use in a kiln. Coldworked Pendant by Delphi Artist and Instructor Roy Kapp. 

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