Oceanside True Blue Gradient Glass Pack - 96 COE

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Product Features

  • Create with a stunning blue palette
  • Good for stained glass, mosaics and fusing
  • 6 pieces, 6" x 6" each
  • 96 COE

Product Description

Gradient packs make it easy to add realism to your art and are a quick way to stock your studio with hues of popular colors. Perfect for water or sky, True Blue provides fantastic shades of blue, including streakies. Contains 6 pieces, 6" x 6" each. Good for stained glass, mosaics and fusing. 96 COE.

Glass pieces are marked with item numbers for easy reordering. Pricing includes boxing charge. Photo is one example; actual glass may vary. Sizes are approximate.

"Waterfall" mosaic by artist Laurel Roush. Bull mosaic by artist Anne Marie Price. "Blue Heron" stained glass panel by artist Andrew Gordon. "Abstract Blues" panel by artist Linda C. Fused "Blue and White Waves Platter" by artist Kristin Collier. "Under the Sea Soap Dish" by artist Kathy Lane. All from Delphi's Online Artist Gallery.