Green / Magenta Blue On Thin Black Crinklized - 96 COE

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4" square 4" x 4" $28.95 USD
1/4 sheet 8" x 8" $86.95
sheet 19" x 19" $298.95

Item# X2116
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Product Features

  • Creates a dazzling rainbow of colors that change right before your eyes
  • Dichroic surface crinkles when fired, sending thousands of miniature crystalline-like mirrors upwards
  • Texture only becomes visible after firing
  • 96 COE

Product Description

When you fire this gorgeous glass the dichroic surface crinkles, sending thousands of miniature crystalline-like mirrors upwards and creating dynamic shapes throughout the glass. The result is brilliantly colored texture, like never before! For maximum effect, fuse to a peak temperature of 1475 F degrees or higher. For more tips, click "View User Manual".

Available in 4" x 4" squares, quarter sheets, or full sheets. Quarter sheet is approximately 8" x 8" with a curved edge. Full sheets are full circles with a 19" diameter. See below for examples. 96 COE.

Pictured on black to better show reflected color and unique post-fire crinkle texture. Vase by Howard Sandberg, image courtesy of CBS Dichroics. Earrings created by Melanie Churchill.

Photo above is a general representation of glass colors. Colors may vary. Sizes are Approximate.