Copper Leaf - 25 Sheets

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Product Features

  • Super-thin sheets can be cut with shears or paper punches
  • Pack of 25 sheets will last for many projects
  • Add antique copper patina accents to any project - works with any COE

Product Description

Add delicate details to your fused designs with copper leaf.

Super-thin sheets can be torn and used as loose flakes, placed as complete sheets, or held between pieces of paper and cut into shapes with scissors or paper punches. A single layer may leave faint traces of color, multiple layers will create a stronger design.

When fired, the copper will oxidize and leave an antique patina (cyan) color image. Works with any COE. Pack of 25 sheets, approximately 3-1/4" x 3-1/4" each.

Fused tile with paper-punched copper leaf stars by artist Roy Kapp.