Colorobbia Liquid Platinum - 2gm

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Add elegant accents to your art with liquid metals. Liquid metal is easy to apply with an outline pen, such as item #1553 or #1554. Fires to a brilliant platinum finish between 1150 and 1300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Projects shown above and below were created by artist Julie Nelson with Colorobbia Liquid Gold #68711.

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4 out of 5 stars
  •   Shiny silver!
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Pros : This came out with a really lovely high shine silver. I used the Magic Outlining Pen - Fine Point, which worked brilliantly. I dipped a paintbrush and then wiped it into the pen well. This drop covered about 6-7 pendants in scroll work before it ran out. (Only one layer is needed for complete coverage) What you paint is what you get so even tiny dots work and don't spread out but if you make a mistake make sure you wipe it off well or else you may end up with silver swipe marks. It should last quite a while as you only need a tiny amount. I was very impressed with the color & shine and ease in drawing via the pen.
Cons : No instructions other than on this website. It smells, work in a ventilated area and wear a mask. It is a brown color before firing so it is hard to see on black and dark glass. It is pricy but if you want silver I'm not sure if there are any other options that work as well.
Other Thoughts : I would buy again.
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