Cast-A-Cab Holey Circle Casting Mold

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  • Designed to work with the Scrapmaster Cast-a-Cab Melt Mold
  • Create one-of-a-kind jewelry pendants with ease
  • A great way to use up scrap glass; never throw out your scraps again
  • Mold measures 3-1/4" x 5-1/2"; creates two 2" castings
  • No need for bails or drilling - the built in post creates the hole for you

Product Description

Create Truly Unique Wearable Artwork!
Stop throwing away scrap glass, instead turn your scrap into one-of-a-kind jewelry with this unique mold. Designed to work with the Scrapmaster Cast-a-Cab melt mold, this simple casting mold forms your melt into perfect, tear-drop shaped pendants. Simply spray the mold with ZYP and place under the Scrap Master Cast-a-Cab mold. During firing the glass will flow out of the Scrap Master mold into the casting mold to create gorgeous one-of-kind cabochons with color swirls. The built in post creates a hole for your necklace - no drilling or bails required!

Follow the link below to download this Free Project Guide.

Free Project Guide

Project images courtesy of artist Stephanie O'Toole of Creative Paradise.