Wall Mounting Device

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  • Use with stained glass panels and fused glass art
  • Hang custom sizes
  • Contains: One unit with wrench and cover plate

Product Description

This mirror finish stainless steel wall fixture is a quick and attractive way to mount and display glass panels on walls. 1-1/4" diameter, features 1/2" channel for art, providing 7/16" stand-off from the wall. Sold individually.

Wall mounting device is a 1-1/4" mountable, mirror finish steel cylinder that easily mounts to walls using screws or molly bolts (not included). Seating 1/2" slots have hidden adjustable set screws under a removable cover for securing glass art in place. Contains: One unit with wrench and cover plate.

Frit project images courtesy of Aanraku Studios. Stained glass panel by artist Steena Gaut. Copper leaf project made by Delphi Artist and Instructor Roy Kapp. Fused Texture project image courtesy of Creative Paradise. Winter project by artist Elisabeth Abel, from Delphi's Online Artist Gallery. 

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3 out of 5 stars
  •   good concept, poor execution
By on
Pros : very solid and each one is very heavy. It has a pro finish look, you could even apply cabochons to the covers
Cons : The slot is SO wide you have to have a high degree of curvature or quad thick glass to be able to actually secure it, the adjustable screw adjusts about 1 mm so it's use is negligable. First installation is not straight forward, there are no directions or instructions and you can't tighten the screw holding the device to the wall once the art work is in it, so getting the art in place is a magic trick. And it will never be secure. There's no rating to know how much it can hold, and honestly, they are heavy enough in their own right there is no using brads- it requires studs. Then once you install one and put on the cover, there's no changing it, EVER. The cover is counter sunk and applied with adhesive so removing it to change or even release the artwork it's holding is difficult and not always safe. On top of that, you'll have trouble getting the cover back on if you are trying to leave them in place to change or even just thoroughly clean the art work.
Other Thoughts : They are sold individually, which is nice if you say only want 3, but 1 is NOT enough to hold a piece, so make sure you order enough, and realize that hanging your art work will cost at least double, and probably 4 times the price listed.
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3 out of 5 stars
  •   mounts
By on
Pros : Very professional looking, for glass mountings, gives it the art gallery look.
Cons : Channel way to wide, wish that mounting screw hole was off center. Bought stick on felt pads to take up for the width.
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3 out of 5 stars
  •   Wall mounting experience
By on
Pros : I love the concept of hanging fused, leaded or copper foil projects without hangers or wire. These are very well made and pretty
Cons : The channel is way too wide for a stained glass panel or fused panel, even using the set screw. We had to use scraps of old leather on both sides.
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