II.2 Dichroic Blade Kit

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Product Description

Don't Waste Expensive Glass
Dichroic blade features a slim profile and fine diamond grit, making it the perfect tool for cutting dichroic glass, iridescent, or any glass with a delicate finish. The narrow profile means less waste, and the fine grit produces a cut without chips. The clean edge it produces mans lower temperatures and faster firing times! People who enjoy using copper foil can use thinner foil with less overlap creating finer lines and more detail. Use for a professional, smooth finish to even your most intricate cuts.

Blade kit fits the Taurus II.2 Ring Saw and includes grommets.

Seen below is a set of slab cast and cut dichroic pendants by Melanie Churchill and an etched dichroic pendant by Karina Foster. Also shown are intricate cut dichroic pins by Nancy Geddes, as seen in "Dichroics: Art Glass All Dressed Up" book #6224.

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