Taurus 3 Dichroic Blade Kit

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Product Features

  • Slim blade for forming intricate shapes with perfect edges
  • Fine diamond grit won't chip delicate finishes
  • Designed to work with dichroic and iridescent glass
  • Fits the Taurus 3 Ring Saw
  • Kit includes one blade and two orange groove grommets

Product Description

Don't Waste Expensive Glass
Dichroic blade features a slim profile and fine diamond grit, making it the perfect tool for cutting dichroic glass, iridescent, or any glass with a delicate finish. The narrow profile means less waste, and the fine grit produces a cut without chips. Clean edges mean lower temperatures and faster firing times for kiln fired jewelry creating a clean professional look. People who enjoy using copper foil can use thinner foil with less overlap creating finer lines and more detail. Use for a smooth finish to even your most intricate cuts.

  • Blade Shape: Oval .058 x .072 (front to back).
  • Grit is finest.
  • Material Thickness Capacity: 1/4", normal use is thinner than normal dichroic or iridized glass.
  • What to Avoid: Do not use for ceramic tile, 1/4" fused glass pieces, or thick material in general.
  • Average Blade Life: 40-60 hours
Blade kit fits the Taurus 3 Ring Saw and includes grommets.

There are universal truths about all of the blades that hold true for all of them:
  1. All blades cut the same materials: glass, tile, stone, shell, nonferrous metals, hard plastics such as acrylic and lexan, and anything that has a similar density to these materials.
  2. All blades use the same belt and grommets. Blades are interchangeable with the same belt and grommets and do not need to be changed unless they are excessively worn.
  3. Always let the blade do the cutting. Forcing the blade through the material in a hurry will not only cause a slower cut but can also shorten the blade life. There is an optimum speed for each blade in each material; you can feel it while you are cutting. Sensitivity to this causes extremely long blade life Defined it is that point at which you get maximum cutting speed for minimal pressure.
Seen below is a set of slab cast and cut dichroic pendants by Melanie Churchill and an etched dichroic pendant by Karina Foster. Also shown are intricate cut dichroic pins by Nancy Geddes, as seen in "Dichroics: Art Glass All Dressed Up" book #6224.

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1 out of 5 stars
  •   Expensive Lesson
By on
Pros : Nice and thin.
Cons : After fitting (adjusted a few times) it snapped within the first 10 secs of use - probably had a weak spot.
Other Thoughts : Very expensive lesson. Will stick to the standard blade.
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