Wave Edge Mold Set

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Product Features

  • Create dynamic vessels with a 2 piece mold system
  • Made from high quality ceramic for countless firings!
  • Comes with complete instructions and firing schedule

Product Description

Create A Beautiful Fluted Bowl with A Foot to Stand On!
This innovative 2-piece system allows you to cast a glass foot that is then paired with a fluted dish to create the perfect vessel. The base automatically aligns the center of the foot with the center of the bowl. Creates a 9" square by 1-3/4" high project. 

Simply fill the foot mold with your favorite glass scrap or frit and fire according to the supplied firing schedule. Once the foot is cast, use a pre-fired 9-1/4" square project on the base mold to fire your project and create your own footed vase design.

Bundle includes WavEdge mold, foot casting mold, and complete instructions.

Note: WavEdge Mold can be used without a cast foot by simply slumping glass following the included firing schedule. 

Project images courtesy of Wardell Products.