II.2 Separating Blade

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Product Description

The Ultimate in Cutting Freedom!
The Taurus II.2 Ring Saw Separating Blade opens up so that you can make an inside cut in the middle of a piece of glass up to 11" in size. All you need to do is drill a hole anywhere on the piece of glass, open up your Separating Ring Blade while it is still in the saw, put it through the hole, rejoin the blade and cut.

The addition of the Separating Blade increases the versatility of the Taurus Ring Saw and provides owners with another tool to expand their creative abilities by letting them cut intricate designs, shapes and patterns on the inside of a piece of glass just as quickly and easily as they can cut on the outside. The Separating Blade Kit comes with complete instructions, 3 yellow grommets and 4 red grommets.