Glass Pro Stained Glass Cement - 1 Lb

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Product Features

  • Sold in a 1 lb resealable container
  • Easy open twist off cap can be re-sealed for storage
  • Large container makes mixing easy and tidy

Product Description

Finishing Your Came Projects Is Easier with Premixed Cement
Give your leaded glass projects a professional finish with Glass Pro Cement. This cement is easy to use and provides excellent results. Stir the pre-mixed cement thoroughly before use to ensure an even consistency of cement. Cement and oil often seperates when not in use. Be sure to mix thoughly. Simply scrub the cement under your came, apply whiting and polish. The unique quick-dry formulation provides strength and stability to your leaded panels, while retaining flexibility even in its dry state for exceptional performance in all environments. 1 lb resealable container.

Panel by artist Chandra Rusk. This item cannot be shipped air.