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Glass Cutting Systems

Cutter's Mate Cutter's Mate
$249.95   $224.95
Say Goodbye to Hand Fatigue! Finally, a cutter that practically scores glass by itself! The Cutter's Mate has a foam cushioned, weighted handle that eliminates the strain of grasping a traditional slim cutter. The weighted handle rotates 360º and applies all the pressure you'll need to effortlessly produce a perfect score. It's so easy, you can even score glass while sitting down! The easy-glide system keeps the cutter head at a constant 90º angle to the glass,... more more info
Product Features
  • Practically scores glass by itself - you can even cut while sitting down!
  • Save glass and get accurate cuts every time - no more bad breaks!
  • Includes the CGS-10 oil-feed cutter head
  • Comes with one year manufacturer warranty
  • Made in the USA

item: 5112
Cutter's Mate
50 stars [2]
$249.95 $224.95
$25.00 off
item: 60001
Morton System Start-Up Kit
50 stars [11]
$189.95 $169.95
$20.00 off
item: 5142
Cutter's Mate Mini Starter Kit
45 stars [4]
$199.95 $189.95
$10.00 off
item: 5117
Cutter's Mate Commercial Model
$399.95 $349.95
$50.00 off
item: 5429
Complete Beetle Bits Starter System Kit
45 stars [16]
$174.95 $159.95
$15.00 off
item: 6914
Ultimate Cutter's Mate Starter Kit
45 stars [7]
$489.95 $469.95
$20.00 off
item: 5128
Circle Pro 24
50 stars [2]
$139.95 $124.95
$15.00 off
item: 5132
Cutter's Mate Mini
$169.95 $159.95
$10.00 off
item: 7163B
item: 5426
item: 5136
Circle Pro 12
35 stars [2]
$134.95 $119.95
$15.00 off
item: 7158
item: 5114
Cutter's Mate Plus Cutting System
50 stars [4]
$279.95 $249.95
$30.00 off
item: 7146
item: 54205
Mini Beetle Bits Cutting System
50 stars [2]
$124.95 $99.95
21% off
item: 5422
item: 5428
item: 52409
Oil Station
50 stars [1]
item: 54230
Black Waffle Grid Surface - 2 Pack
$25.95 $17.93
31% off
item: 7162
item: 5133
item: 5423
Speed Balls
45 stars [3]
item: 7147
item: 5421
item: 54203
Super Stops
item: 54210
item: 54204
Glass cutters and hand tools are essential for almost any glass craft. Delphi carries a wide selection of cutting tools from basic hand cutters to advanced cutting systems to polishing hand tools to give your project a finished look.

Delphi Makes It Easy: Learn how to cut art glass using hand-held tools. See this free online Glass Cutting Video.