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Cutter's Mate Plus

$349.95 USD
Item# 5114
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Product Features

  • Make straight cuts up to 62-1/2" with the long 20" arm
  • Practically scores glass by itself!
  • So easy to make intricate "impossible" cuts!
  • No more bad breaks!
  • Save glass and get accurate cuts every time!
  • Includes the CSG-10 oil-fed cutter head
    Made in the USA
  • Includes one year manufacturer warranty

Product Description

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The Cutter's Mate Plus has a foam cushioned, weighted handle that eliminates the strain of grasping a traditional slim cutter. The weighted handle rotates 360º and applies all the pressure you'll need to effortlessly produce a perfect score. It's so easy, you can even score glass while sitting down!

The easy-glide system keeps the cutter head at a constant 90º angle to the glass, practically eliminating bad breaks. The Cutter's Mate can be positioned for right or left handed use and swings out of the way when not in use. The Plus model features a longer cutter arm (20") and the ability to make a longer straight cut (62-1/2").

Features the CSG-10 carbide, oil-fed, cutting head, made in America. Also includes rubber feet for use on tabletops. Includes slide bar. If preferred, you can attach it to a Waffle Grid work surface #5424 (sold separately).  Includes a one year manufacturer warranty.

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Product Details

  • Slide bar with smooth pivoting 20" cutter arm
  • Weighted foam cushion cutter grip
  • Premium CGS-10 oil-feed cutter head
  • No surface required. Use with Waffle Grid or Morton Grid. Sold separately

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5 out of 5 stars
  •   Carpal Tunnel Saver!
By on
Pros : Made cutting glass for a newbie super easy. Great for my carpal tunnel. Far less grinding needed. Less glass wasted.
Cons : Need to buy waffle grids to be able to use this device.
Other Thoughts : I have carpal tunnel and was afraid I couldn’t purse stained glass, though I wanted to for years. This little beauty has been nothing short of a miracle worker for me! Not only does it save my carpal tunnel, it was much easier to pickup learning stained glass due to its precision. I’ll never do a project without it! If you’re considering getting it, do it, you won’t be disappointed. Delphi also had the best price that I found anywhere on the web for it.
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2 of 2 people found this review helpful
5 out of 5 stars
  •   Very useful for limitations
By on
Pros : My hands are developing joint arthritis & Cutters Mate is really helpful.
Cons : The slide bar connections to the waffle grid pop out too easily, and sitting on a taller stool is neccessary to really see what you're cutting. I'm 5'10" .
Other Thoughts : There needs to b a more detailed book of directions to really make best use of this tool.
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13 of 14 people found this review helpful
5 out of 5 stars
  •   Cutters Mate
By on
Pros : I like the waffle grid for catching all glass pieces
Cons : none
Other Thoughts : Happy that I bought this. It's the best piece of equipment that I have.
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11 of 14 people found this review helpful

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