Beetle Bits Cutting System

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Product Features

  • A real time saver – makes precise, geometric cuts fast!
  • Works with your favorite cutter or the Flying Beetle Cutter #5428 (sold separately)
  • Simple to set up and use

Product Description

Create Straight, Repetitive Cuts Fast!
This quick set-up tool has it all! Designed with simplicity and comfort in mind, this cutting system helps you score glass faster and easier than ever before. The Beetle Bits Cutting System offers a quick compass guide for all the most popular shapes and angles, easy-adjust stops for non-slip positioning, and adjustable angle rests. You can make cuts from either side of the Waffle Grid Surface #5424 (sold separately) or even make cuts perpendicular from the base ruler. Designed to work with the Flying Beetle Glass Cutter #5428 (sold separately). Get the Beetle Bits System, Beetle Glass Cutter and Waffle Grids 4-Pack with the money saving kit Complete Beetle System #5429.

Beetle Bits Cutting System components include:

  • 18" Ruler
  • 23" Cutting Bar
  • Swiveling Rest with Compass Dial
  • 2 Adjustable Angle Rests
  • 2 Multi-directional Glass Stops
  • 2 Super Stops
  • Stationary Straight Edge Rest
  • Oil Well
Stained glass panel shown by artist Charles McKay from Delphi's Online Artist Gallery.

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Product Details

  • 18" Zero marked ruler
  • 23" cutting bar
  • Swivel rest with compass
  • Glass and bar stops
  • Oil well
  • Waffle Grid or Morton Grid sold separately

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5 out of 5 stars
  •   Beetle Bits Cutting System
By on
Pros : I love this system!!! It makes cutting straight lines so easy. I recommend this to everyone.
Cons : Just remember to order the cutter, it does not come with the main system. Not really a con, just a reminder.
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1 of 24 people found this review helpful
3 out of 5 stars
  •   cutter is not included
By on
Pros : this system will help with my repetitive straight cutting and makes the job alot easier
Cons : i also purchase this thinking the cutter was included, i watch the video to be sure it was one i would want to buy. there was nothing said the you had to purchase the cutter separate from system. my mistake should of read the reviews i would of seen it there. i was mislead. think twice before you buy the system without the cutter
Other Thoughts : it should be noted that you have to buy the cutter separate or you have to slide your own cutter along ruler. the video is deceiving , it makes the buyer think it is part of the package
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1 of 39 people found this review helpful
5 out of 5 stars
  •   I love this system
By on
Pros : I do a lot of strip cutting, and after an hour of cutting strips with a regular cutter, my hand aches. With this I can use either hand, a few fingers, whatever, so that it's not that same repetitive motion over and over.
Cons :
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1 of 18 people found this review helpful

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Feb 14, 2012
I dont have just one favorite tool, but there is one that I use virtually every time I work on a project. As you know, having the right tool for the job, makes the job a whole lot easier. Beetle Bits Cutting System with the Flying Beetle Attachment This system provides the speed and precision glass cutting that a busy studio demands. Cutting strips, squares, angles and more are perfect every time, and this tool does it in half the time of other systems. Be sure to train your entire staff to use this amazing system and theyll all be anxious to use it. Plus, they now have a 35 bar to use with your system, so cutting large pieces of glass is fast and accurate. There is a video on the Business Center, under Studio Resources that demonstrates all the wonderful things this system will do.
Mar 22, 2013
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