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Papyros Shelf Paper 13" Circle - 100 Pack

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Item# 54725PK
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Product Features

  • Sturdy, ceramic-based paper is specially formulated for glass fusing and may be used for multiple firings
  • Provides excellent glass/kiln shelf separation at temperatures up to 1600°F
  • Retains its paper-like qualities after firing making clean-up easier
  • Pre-cut sheets measure 13" round - saving time and eliminating scrap shelf paper
  • Sold in a 100 pack

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Product Description

Preparing your shelf has never been easier! Papyros™ Kiln Shelf Paper in 13" pre-cut circles is an ideal fit for the kiln shelf for most 14" - 15" diameter kilns. Save time and eliminate wasted shelf paper with this convenient size.

Papyros™ Kiln Shelf Paper is a ceramic-based paper specially formulated for glass fusing. It is ideal to for the majority of fusing projects up to 1600°F. Because of its sturdy composition, Papyros™ provides excellent glass/kiln shelf separation on the first use, and frequently in subsequent firings as well. Sheet measures 13" round.

Papyros™ tends to retain its paper-like qualities during firings, rather than decomposing into loose dust. The degree to which Papyros retains its integrity can be affected by the characteristics of the glass being used as well as firing schedules.

Sold in a 100 pack.

Fused glass mosaic by artist Linda Smith of Warwick Glass from Delphi's Online Artists Gallery.