Top Tools Strip Cutter

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Product Features

  • Cuts glass strips up to 36" in length
  • Includes a 36" zero marked ruler for accurate measurements
  • Designed for production studios - cuts glass quickly and easily
  • Optional 52" rods available for extra large sheets
  • Has a lubricated cutter head

Product Description

Whether you need strips that are small, large or even gigantic, the Top Tools Strip Cutter is up to the job. This professional grade, quality strip cutter makes it easy to achieve repetitive, uniform strips fast. Cuts glass up to 36" in length with ease. For longer strips, add on the optional 52" replacement rods #639129, they make cutting full sheets a breeze! The use of two tracks, a pressure sensitive adjustable cutting head, sealed ball bearings on the tracking head, and a self adhering ruler makes this tool a must have!

Assembly Tip: It’s important to set up the rails (and hence cutting path) at right angles to the guide. Aanraku recommends using a large T or L square to align the rail setup. Also, once the rails are set up square to the guide the cutter head should be loosened and carefully aligned to the cutting path (parallel to the rails) and re-tightened into position.