Bullseye Thinfire Shelf Paper 10" Sheet - 15 Piece Mini Pack

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Product Features

  • Fire designs directly onto your glass using Thinfire. See Delphi's trick below!
  • Quality Bullseye Studios product made for fusers
  • Contains 15 10" x 10" square sheets

Product Description

Save time and avoid brush stroke marks. Use thin shelf paper instead of shelf wash for an ultra smooth finish on the back of your fused piece. One time use. Fifteen 10" square sheets per pack.

Popular Bullseye ThinFire Shelf Paper doesn't shrink in the kiln and features a printed pattern of the Bullseye logo on the bottom side, as shown below. The logo pattern does not affect glass or kiln shelves. Nor does it change the way ThinFire works in any way. But it does provide two benefits: One, the pattern makes it easy to recall how ThinFire should be positioned in the kiln. Just remember, logo side down against the shelf; plain side up, against the glass. Two, the pattern serves as an assurance that Bullseye ThinFire is tested, tried and true.

Delphi Tip:
Fuse Your Art in Glass

Create art on white fusible paper and fuse it to glass. Make designs on paper with Fusible Pens, Chalk and Watercolor enamels (see recommended items below). Fire paper between layers of glass. Imagine the possibilities of preserving your children's creations in fusible glass art. With fusible chalks, watercolors, pens and glass - you are only limited by your imagination.

Compatible with all glass COE's. Vase project created with fusible chalk and pens on white paper. Fused to black glass with clear glass overlay. By Kim Lyle.

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4 out of 5 stars
  •   Great for Small Projects
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Pros : A lot of paper for the price, all bullseye, stays clean in resealable bag.
Cons : not perfectly cut, was cut by hand. Not all sheets exactly 10". Mine got folded in shipping and every piece had a tear at the center- I think that was unusual though.
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